In 2008 we bought a vineyard in Pokolbin - and so began Kurrajong Vineyard Pty Ltd. In 2009 we added an old vineyard just up the road. We extended the varieties grown and began to make wine. Our wines are made almost entirely from our own grapes, but we do use some from our neighbours on the road. Our other big passion is kangaroos, and we are part of a wildlife rescue organisation that seeks to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured native wildlife. We have been carers for both kangaroos and wallabies (rednecks and swampies).

Our philosophy on wine

We want to make and drink wines that are of the highest quality possible, as authentic to their region as possible, and as natural as possible. We are not minimalist winegrowers or winemakers, we work hard to marry new-world techniques and old-world experience to produce wines that are a high quality, true representation of the terroir of the vineyards. Our actions in the vineyard and winery are as natural, organic and sustainable as we can manage. We use equipment and buy materials that minimise our consumption of resources and emission of waste products. For more information see our Wines and our Vines pages.

Our philosophy on wildlife

Mankind should learn to live in harmony with, and share the planet with native wildlife - it was here first after all. Our survival as a species depends upon a diversity of life on our planet, it is bio-diversity that gives it resilience to diseases and natural disasters. We need to give a special care to our national icons in particular, the emu, koala, and kangaroo. We have learned some interesting things raising and rehabilitating wildlife. For example, just how much individual personality each animal has, and how much they love and care for each other. Also, as mammals like us, how similar we and they are. All of us deserve a fair chance at a good life, if you find injured wildlife please call a rescue organisation.
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