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The Vines

Kurrajong Vineyard
Despite being a very small vineyard and winery we use a wide variety of grapes, namely the traditional Hunter varieties (Semillon, Chardonnay, Verdelho, Merlot and Shiraz) and a pick of the Mediterranean varieties (Barbera, Cabernet, Tempranillo) that combine so well to make our Rosés and Premium Blends.

All About The Vines

Belford Block H: a Hunter Valley Heritage Vineyard, planted around 1960 with Semillon. The Belford block has old semillon in sandy soil alongside JumpUp Creek, the classic and traditional environment for the best Hunter Valley Semillons. From this block we make our unique Belford Semillon. Campbell Block C: from Campbell’s Domain. Planted in 2000 with Chardonnay. From this block we make our classic Chardonnay, and in special years our premium Chardonnay. Crisford Block C: from Crisford’s Vineyard. Planted in 2000 with Cabernet Franc. We use this fruit to make our Cabernet Blend, which includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot from the McCaffrey blocks. McCaffrey Block S: the McCaffrey blocks were previously owned by Kurrajong Vineyard. Planted in 1991 with Semillon, the flagship grape of the Hunter Valley and one of its most planted, once being called “Hunter Valley Reisling.” With three clones mixed in the block it makes our complex, award-winning Pokolbin Semillon. McCaffrey V1 & V2: planted in 1990 with Verdelho, a grape from Madeira (a Portugese island), noted for its intense favours, with hints of lime and honeysuckle. From this we make our Pokolbin Verdelho. McCaffrey Z, T, B: planted in 1991 with Shiraz, a noble grape with a deep purple colour, producing a wine which was once called “Hunter Valley Hermitage.” From these grapes we make our single-vineyard Shiraz. We also also blend the Shiraz with the Spanish Tempranillo grape to make our “big red,”and with the Italian Barbera grape for a richer, more complex premium blended wine. McCaffrey M, C, P: Block M was planted in 2000 with Merlot, the third-most planted red grape in the world, making it “the red wine equivalent of Chardonnay …” according to James Halliday. Block C was planted in 2000 with Cabernet, behind Shiraz as the second most planted red grape in Australia (possibly because of its lower yields and harder-to-prune tougher canes). From these French-origin blocks we make a premium blended red wine of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot grapes. Our Merlot-Cab blends are rich, fruity wines, matured 2 years in oak for optimum flavour.

Sustainable Viticulture

Our vineyard uses equipment specially engineered for a sustainable operation. We were the first in Australia to use the Lipco tractor-mounted Recycling Sprayer, which captures the spray that does not hit the vines and recycles it back into the main tank. This cuts our fungicide use in half, and dramatically cuts the amount released into the air or onto the ground. Our under-vine mower also reduces the amount of herbicide required.
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